Official Oath of The Brotherhood

The Union has scribed an Oath. The Oath must be taken and a beer shotgunned in order to become a Journeyman.

I__________Do Solemnly swear that I will be faithful to the United Brotherhood of Beer Drinkers and fellow members. And I will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Union and It's members. I also promise and swear that I will attend meetings and drink beer with my fellow brothers and sisters whenever possible. United We Stand, divided We Fall. Our secrets I will keep. Give Me Beer, Or Give Me Death.

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The United Brotherhood of Beer Drinkers started as a small group in Lakewood/Long Beach California in 2010.

We are growing fast and currently have over 1300 members in various locations around the world

We have united people of all colors, creeds, faiths, gender, political preference, nationalities, all in the name of Beer.

Here are some photos from some of our meetings. email us your photos and we will post them in the Album. Click on the photo album link below to see more photos. Also click on the videos button above to see some cool beer drinking videos.

History in every pint